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Robert Openhowski
Adwokat amerykański
w Stanie Nowy Jork
Solicitor w Anglii i Walii
Okregowa Rada Adwokacka
w Warszawie

Kancelaria Prawa Amerykańskiego w Polsce

adw. Robert Openhowski, Esq.

ul. Prusa 2.

00-493 Warszawa

Telefon bezposredni:   (+48) 665-306-600
 E-MAIL:  openhowski@op.pl
Attorney is available directly at the above phone number between 8am-6pm Mon.-Fri.  
My Polish practice represents exclusively clients
in civil matters and litigation in Polish courts involving:
 cross-jurisdictional inheritance, wills and trust and other sucession  matters.
Please call me directly
for a free consultation in English
at +48. 66 530 6600
If you have an inheritance or property matter in Poland

If you have a foreign probate or administration and there are assets  located in Poland
If your family's property was nationalized in Poland and you want it back!
and other matters where two or more legal systems are involved